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Home / School Download Area Textbook Regulation Support Association SEPA Direct Debit Mandate Parent Access FuxNoten Registration Forms Notebook Project Lernsax Registration Forms We are pleased about your registration at our school! You can find all important information about enrollment as well as our online enrollment form HERE. Registration Form Registration Hours School Year 2023/24 Notebook Project All important information and documents regarding the use of notebooks at our school can be found via [...]


Home / Dates Dates & Dates For all other class dates, our parents please use the calendar on Lernsax. 15.11.2022Meeting School Parents' Council 16.11.2022Day of Repentance and Prayer 17.11.2022Pedagogical Day and Teacher-Parent Consultation Day 18.11.2022Day off from classes 22.11.2022Excursion Zwickau Cathedral and priests' houses - class 6IOR 22.11.2022Vocational day - classes 7IOR - 9IOR 24.11.2022Aids-Hilfe film project and visit BSZ Zwickau - class 7IOR 08.12.2022, [...]