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Notebook project

All important information and documents regarding the use of notebooks at our school can be accessed via the institution's file repository at Lernsax or in the download area of the SIS.

Fux notes

FuxNoten simplifies a very time-consuming and responsible task in everyday school life: grade management.

HERE you can access the parent account for FuxNoten.
HERE you will find helpful tips for registration and use.

Procedures for solving problems

From the school conference of 18.06.2015

Joint decision:
(the same procedure applies to parents).

  • Encourage the student to take charge of his or her own destiny,
  • the student first turns to the appropriate subject teacher,
  • the student informs class teacher, if necessary, who can act as a moderator,
  • if the problem could not be solved, the liaison teacher is consulted,
  • last instance: school management.

Information about Lernsax

The educational platform Lernsax gives us the ability to maintain continuous learning online, even when regular school operations are suspended.

Help, instructions and videos for LernSax can be found at Downloads.

Mietra lockers

At our school, Mietra lockers are available for you

School items such as sportswear, drawing materials and
textbooks as well as personal valuables can be safely stored in a locker
. The back is relieved and the students can move
around the school building much more carefree.

Report your locker directly at register. After successful registration, the access data will be sent to you by e-mail and you can then use your locker.

Click here for Locker registration

Language diversity

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For this reason, we cannot guarantee a perfect and error-free translation.