Bernhard Schlinks Besuch bei uns

Bernhard Schlink ist einer der wichtigsten und erfolgreichsten Autoren der Gegenwart und durch seinen internationalen Bestseller ,,Der Vorleser“ auch bei sächsischen Schülern mehr als nur bekannt. Heute pendelt er zwischen Berlin und New York und widmet sich nach einer langen Karriere als Jurist und Schriftsteller nun ganz dem Schreiben.

"Are you an Addams?"

While others celebrate the start of the fifth season on 11.11, join a St. Martin's procession or spend the evening relaxing on the coach, the students of GTA Theater (er)leben once again set off to experience local culture. The musical "The Addams Family" was on the program at the Gewandhaus Zwickau.

A world without polio

Thanks to consistent vaccinations, polio is no longer an issue in Germany. However, as long as polio viruses are still present in Afghanistan or Pakistan, for example, we cannot be carefree.

BO hiking days of the classes 7IOR and 8IOR

In the last two weeks, before the well-deserved summer vacations, our 7th and 8th graders went to Leipzig for their "Berufsorientierungs - Wandertage". Since we have explored in the course of the school year mainly companies and enterprises in the proximity of Reinsdorf, it goes in the context of the BO hiking days gladly sometimes somewhat farther away. Class 8 went to the airport Leipzig/Halle on 29.06.23 and class 7 went to the MDR studios on 05.07.23.

Museum in a clip - at Wildenfels Castle

Often, when kids ask us, "What do you want to do when you grow up?" we get the answer, "Maybe something to do with media."

The 7th grade class of the International Secondary School Reinsdorf had the chance to try out whether the field of media could really be something they enjoy.

She participated in the project "Museum in a clip".

Language diversity

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